Meet the Founders

After both becoming first-time moms in 2017, Liz Franco and Danielle Kelley soon found themselves in desperate need of two things: inspiration to cultivate their creative pursuits and the rest + self-care necessary to do so. The search to find the right “mom community” felt like an overcomplicated dating game, and the two were craving something deeper and more fruitful than the various mom Facebook groups and stroller meetups they had been participating in. That “creative brain” element felt so vital to their identities, so why couldn’t they easily find many mom friends who shared this same thirst?

A retreat for mothers who crave fresh air and inspiration was their “lightbulb” moment, and MTHR Collective was dreamt up overnight (over the longest Instagram DM thread of all time). The two founders got to work on producing what one could only describe as the ultimate creative getaway for mothers, rooted in both empowerment and relaxation, or as one attendee coined it, “Momchella.”

After a successful launch retreat in Fall of 2017, Liz and Danielle’s vision of bringing together a collective of like-minded mothers that would openly share their stories and struggles over an open campfire (with an all-you-can-eat s’mores buffet every night) was realized. They found their calling and rejoiced when other women remarked, “I didn’t know how badly I needed this” and they’ve been hell-bent on encouraging both self-care and community ever since.