What is MTHR Collective?

MTHR Collective is a four-day retreat in the Russian River Valley for the every mom who craves fresh air and inspiration. It is designed for mothers who have an unwavering passion to create, and who have been looking for the right space to share, collaborate, inspire/be inspired by others, with the end goal that we all leave feeling both creatively re-centered and majorly supported. Our retreat will include everything from yoga, craft workshops, movie night under the stars, speaker panel along with informal campfire conversations, authentic head shots, a pop-up market for attendees to showcase/sell their craft or product, hosted happy hours, farm-to-table dinners and much more. 

Our Purpose:
To create a relaxed environment where there are no experts or foolproof solutions to the many (million?) challenges of being a mother + a creator. MTHR Collective is not selling an agenda or even an idea, but instead providing a comfortable platform to connect on our various commonalities, share our stories, and ease our (identity) fears, with the, "we're all just doing our best" mantra in mind.

Who We Are:
Danielle Kelley is a Bay Area based, fine-art photographer and mom of one. When she is not talking about herself in the third person, she is usually having a pizza eating contest with her husband, trying NOT to go to Target, and wondering if she can go just one more day without washing her hair. Current favorite mom quote: "You're not doing it wrong, it's just that hard".

Liz Franco is first-time work-from-home mama + graphic designer who tends to wear many hats (literally and figuratively). An advocate for postpartum mental wellness, Liz is a firm believer in the notion of “it takes a village” applying to raising up children and mothers alike. Pinot noir and a bath bomb is her self-care love language.

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